All-in-one System for Organizing Your Assessments & Audits

End the frustrations and inefficiencies that seem to be built into client engagements. TCT Portal is your all-in-one platform for organizing and managing all the moving parts of your compliance assessments. The web-based application combines automation with deep compliance expertise to give you a powerful tool that takes the chaos out of your client engagements.

Assessment firms spend countless hours hounding clients, poring over submitted evidence, entering data into spreadsheets, searching for missing pieces and creating reports. Communicating with clients isn’t always easy, and collaboration on your team could be smoother. TCT Portal takes away all those frustrations and inefficiencies.

What You Get with TCT Portal

Hands-free Data Organization

Tired of spending countless hours gathering evidence and organizing it by requirement? TCT Portal automatically maps client evidence for you. No more storing the same file in multiple locations—files are uploaded once and mapped everywhere they belong, even across compliance standards.

Less Client Hand-holding

One of the biggest pains of managing assessments is managing your clients. Answering questions, badgering them for files, tracking them down for status updates—it’s a waste of time and drives you nuts! TCT Portal ends all that. Our automated prompts do the badgering for you, status information is updated in real time and built-in explanations answer most of your clients’ questions. You go do what you do best—we’ll do the hand-holding.

Live Status at a Glance

Start each client touchpoint meeting with an accurate view of exactly where the assessment or audit stands in terms of what is complete and still outstanding. If you’re managing your client assessment engagements in Excel spreadsheets, you’ve got a lousy progress tracking tool—and hours of manual status updates.

Final Engagement Reports in a Snap

Spending hours of manual copy/pasting and reformatting your engagement reports? TCT Portal saves countless hours with easily generated, ready-to-go reports in seconds—with just a mouse click.

Better Collaboration

Crank up your teamwork even with geographically dispersed teams. Collaborate on an engagement with all your team members involved in your engagement, regardless of their location:

  • Fellow assessment/auditing colleagues
  • Client stakeholders
  • Client vendors

Use a single, online tool for simultaneously collaborating without passing files back and forth. No more worrying about manual version control.


One Tool for EVERY Compliance Need

  • Any standard industry compliance framework
  • Custom templates

“TCT has been such a lifesaver for us, because it’s a huge timesaver. Our job is extremely complex, and we love having a tool that produces the report for us.” —Sherri Collis, Principal Consultant, Online Business Systems

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