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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does TCT cost?

Total Compliance Tracking was born as a result of seeing compliance engagements from all angles, and identifying the necessity for dramatically improved operational efficiency. As a result - the intent of the TCT platform is not to leverage an overpriced engagement average for every customer, but instead to provide an affordable platform that any company, large or small, could afford to have in their toolbox. Better yet - a tool that is priced such that a company couldn't afford NOT to use it.

While TCT employs a generally standard pricing model, quotes are generated based on specific client requirements, so contact TCT today using the inquiry form to discuss your needs.

How does TCT handle companies with multiple compliance requirements?

All of your compliance engagements will be handled with one easy to use interface for the customer, regardless whether it is the same auditing firm or multiple auditing firms handing each individual engagement. Your staff will have one system to leverage with insight into all of your compliance engagements.

The TCT platform allows your organization to effectively navigate compliance requirements, communication with auditing staff and get back to your business objectives.

How does TCT help auditing firms that assess the compliance of many companies?

Total Compliance Tracking is one lean, mean GRC machine. Your auditors log into the interface and immediately see all of their engagements, items that are presently awaiting auditor input / response, track outstanding deliverables of customers - everything.

All communication is handled through the portal. As you reject line items with comments, they flow back to the responsible customer representative and notify them of the status change. Your firm will have the capability to assign all items to one auditor or assign line items to different auditors, allowing each auditor to only see those things that are pertinent to their responsibility, yet allowing them (if you assign the permissions accordingly) to also see overall status of the engagement.

Effectively, this platform is intended to be capable of supporting any style auditing engagement your organization is required to support, in a fluid, dynamic and efficient manner.

What if a customer leaves an auditing firm?

The TCT platform was specifically designed to be a hub centered between auditors and companies requiring compliance. Accordingly - the solution was geared to both auditing firms and to those companies seeking compliance.

Auditors use the platform to generate efficiency in their engagements whereas customers have a place to store their auditing proof from their prior year engagements and to stage their next engagement. The connection between a customer and auditing firm will be maintained for as long as the business relationship remains intact. Once a customer moves to another auditing firm, the old auditing firm will no longer have access to new compliance engagements.

Similarly, the new auditing firm will not have direct permissions to all prior year engagements. The customer will have the capability to streamline their movement from one auditing firm to the other, but the customer maintains separation between the entities involved. The system is designed to efficiently allow such realistic movement in the marketplace.

Once you have your new auditing firm, introduce them to the TCT platform!