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Auditor / Consultant

Communication, status and tracking deliverables are the biggest operational challenges during any compliance engagement. TCT provides a single platform for all: types of audits, communication, status, files, proof and reporting for your compliance engagements.

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Need Compliance?

Have you experienced the communication shortfalls on prior compliance engagements, or are you new to compliance and don't know where to start? TCT will streamline your compliance engagements, allowing staff to achieve compliance and spend more time on your business.

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Welcome to TCT Total Compliance Tracking

The TCT Portal is based on significant depth of experience approaching compliance engagements as a customer, a consultant and working directly alongside a multitude of auditors. This experience led TCT to generate an online portal that would transform the Governance Risk & Compliance (GRC) space by streamlining operational efficiencies of compliance engagements. This efficiency is beneficial to all parties involved: auditors spend less time per engagement increasing their throughput; consultants spend more of their time generating/reviewing deliverables instead of figuring out status; and those in need of compliance can conclude their engagements swiftly, allowing them more time to focus on their core business.

The TCT system allows configuration of user logins, leveraging role based access control (RBAC). Executives can gain summary level reporting of overall compliance status, whereas operational staff can delve into the depths of each compliance engagement. All decisions between compliance engagement parties are tracked in a single location which becomes very helpful for next year’s engagement. TCT costs a fraction of the lost resource time you burn on compliance engagements today.